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Fruits born from passion

Our story starts with "Once upon a time...". When we were children, our grandparents would take us to the orchard and teach us about fruit trees and their fruits, and they would even send us to pick up the ones we reached or helped us plant together the trees that were going to bear fruit in a few years.

We grew up bare-footed, climbing the trees, noisily biting from an apple just dusted off the shirt. Other times we would put on the girls well-ripened, red cherry earrings. How we laughed when the earrings were eaten, too!

We grew up and understood that a rich orchard means work, knowledge, and a lot of passion at the same time.
Eco2Life was born from invaluable memories and the experience of three generations. We have adapted to the times through entrepreneurial thinking, and we put healthy, organically grown fruits on the table.

The 12,000 fruit trees in our orchard are just the beginning. We are committed to delivering quality products, respecting our heritage, and loving nature.
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Livada Eco2life
In our orchard you can find 12,000 fruit trees. Planting and caring for them is done by traditional methods, at the same time keeping the rigors corresponding to ecological standards. We want organic, fresh, and healthy products so that Eco2Life fruits bring added value to any nutritional plan.
We strive to improve the results of our work every year so that we can offer you a great culinary experience, with important benefits for your health and with a small impact on the environment.
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Romania, Arad, Lipova, nr 21